The New Mazda6 is Even Better Than it Looks

Some people may say that full-size sedans aren't supposed to be sporty, good-looking, and popular. Those who think that have yet to meet the new four-door sedan Mazda6. This iconic addition to the Mazda sports car family blends many features common to big and small vehicles. Plus, it delivers in many areas that include interior accents, safety, and performance.

Inside the New Mazda6

On the interior, the new Mazda6 sedan does its best to ensconce both passengers and drivers in comfort and capability. Vehicle occupants can immediately feel the effects of this dedication with the available climate-controlled seats that can take away the chill during cold winter months. The interior of the new Mazda6 sedan also treats occupants with items such as Japanese Sen panels, Ultrasuede, and Nappa leather.

The new Mazda6 takes pains to make trips around Lunenburg, MA much quieter. To make this happen, this iconic sedan has specialized anti-noise plastic insulation installed in strategic spots. That's not all, because it also brings a tight-tolerance suspension and even sound-insulating windows to the game.

Mazda6 Performance Prowess

The ultra-comfortable interior is just the beginning with the new Mazda6. It also scores well in the power production, performance, and handling departments. Lucky owners of the new Mazda6 will have the option of choosing a fuel-efficient, 187-horsepower plant. This direct-injected motor runs on regular fuel and employs specialized design features such as aluminum-alloy blocks and heads.

Enjoy Thorough Safety Protections Around Lunenburg, MA

In the all-important safety department, the new Mazda6 sedan looks out for its occupants.

This roomy and comfortable sedan takes great care to limit the impact of potential accidents. It does so with pre-tensioning seat belts for front-seat passengers. Pre-tensioned seat belts can slightly tighten before impacts, lessening overall force and minimizing injuries. You're sure to feel safe and secure when driving the new Mazda6 around Lunenburg, MA.

Visit North End Mazda to Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about the new Mazda6, we encourage you to visit our dealership in nearby Lunenburg, MA. You will be able to take this model for a test drive easily. We look forward to working with you soon!

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