Every 2021 Mazda model that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested received their Top Safety Pick+ award, but maybe that's not enough for you. Maybe you want to know about all of the other safety features that the IIHS doesn't test for, and what even is i-ACTIVSENSE, anyway? We're happy to explain all of that at North End Mazda.


i-ACTIVSENSE is the suite of safety technologies and sensors that make up the bulk of Mazda's safety systems. It uses a combination of milliwave radar, cameras and near-infrared lasers to monitor the surrounding terrain and traffic and inform systems like your headlights and cruise control.

How Does i-ACTIVSENSE Help with My Headlights?

There are several systems across i-ACTIVSENSE for your headlights. The first is the Adaptive Front-Lighting System, which alters light distribution depending on driving conditions like your speed and steering input. This allows your headlights to keep the road ahead of you lit even on winding roads, so you can see the late-night runner or spooked deer before it's too late.

The second system is High-Beam Control. This uses the i-ACTIVSENSE sensors to monitor the road ahead of you for other cars. When you would normally have to turn off your high beams yourself to prevent blinding other drivers, this system will do it for you. That way you can keep your focus on the road and not turning your high beams on and off every few minutes.

The third system is Adaptive LED Headlights, which keeps the road ahead lit as if it were daylight, but it can adjust for incoming traffic. By detecting other driver's headlights, this system can temporarily dim sections of the LEDs to control where the light is directed. That way other drivers won't be blinded by your headlights, but you can still get the brilliant and clear light they provide.

Can It Keep Me Safe from Unseen Dangers?

Yes it can! There are two systems specifically designed for this purpose. Blind Spot Monitoring uses the quasi-milliwave sensors on the back corners of your Mazda to detect cars in your blind spot. When it does, it will display an icon in the respective mirror, and if you try to change lanes anyway, the icon will flash and a warning beep will sound to alert you.

The second system is for anyone who's every been in a crowded Nashua, NH parking lot, and when you go to back out of your parking space, you almost run into another car that's driving through. Rear Cross Traffic Alert uses the same sensors as the Blind Spot Monitoring system to detect cars that are passing behind you, even when they're hidden from you by a neighboring car. You'll see the same icon in your mirror, and if you start to back up, the icon will flash and alert you with a warning beep.

How Does Driver Attention Alert Work?

This feature is perfect if you find yourself doing a lot of late-night driving or if you suffer from a sleep disorder. Driver Attention Alert learns how you drive when your speed is above about 40 mph. It monitors inputs and vehicle behavior. If those change in a way that suggests you're losing focus, it will sound a chime and display a notification on the Multi-Information Display suggesting you take a break at a rest stop.

See More of These Safety Features and More in Lunenburg, MA

Mazda has a lot more safety technology in i-ACTIVSENSE and beyond, so we can't possibly cover it all. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to schedule a test drive so we can show you exactly how that model will keep you safe.

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