The landscape of commuting through Nashua, NH is changing. Fewer and fewer vehicles rely on gasoline to get them across town. These options make for more efficient travel, not to mention allowing you to take care of Mother Nature along the way. So, it makes sense a brand like Mazda will be front-and-center when it comes to helping you save on fuel costs and take care of the environment along the way. North End Mazda wants to help you find the right model to match your sensibilities.

Which SUVs are Considered Hybrids or EVs?

In 2022, Mazda will unveil its first-ever electric crossover to its roster. The Mazda MX-30 is sure to set the Lunenburg, MA roads on fire with its head-turning style and powertrain. Plan for it to come equipped with a 143-horsepower electric motor with a 35.5-kWh battery pack to get you 100 miles in between charges. Your drive is made easier with the electric G-Vectoring Control Plus system offering precision handling for every mile you travel.

Similar to the sophomore sensations, the CX-30, the MX-30 brings a style and flair of its own, as well as a long list of unique features to bring the lineup into the next generation.

The 2022 MX-30 will initially only be available as an all-electric version, but Mazda promises to release a hybrid edition in the near future, as well.

Is a Subcompact the only Crossover?

Mazda is committing itself to a full lineup of hybrid or EV models. Among the list of future SUVs is the CX-50. Expected to hit the production line in the coming year, the CX-50 should be a rear-wheel drive, hybrid compact crossover. Essentially the next generation of the compact CX-5 crossover. Prognosticators predict it will come equipped with either a 3.0-liter or 3.3-liter straight six-cylinder engine, matched with a 48-volt mild-hybrid battery. This coupe-like SUV is sure to give Nashua, NH drivers the confidence they crave when cruising through town and conserving fuel along the way.

Can you Find Something Sportier?

Lunenburg, MA drivers love to couple speed with efficiency. That is the goal of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. In particular, when it comes to electrified. Mazda is working to improve its iconic sports car by producing an EV version. Though there is no timeline given for its release, so Mazda could still consider whether or not to produce a hybrid version as well. Its lightweight has always been an advantage, though we don't expect the added heft of a hybrid system to dissuade drivers from this athletic roadster.

What is Mazda's Ultimate Goal for its Hybrid/EV lineup?

Mazda has always been an intuitive brand. And these models are just the beginning of their shift towards a model that runs on alternative methods. The company has declared that by 2030, about 25% of its roster will include electric vehicles. The initiative has been dubbed "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030" and includes a push toward hybrid, electric and autonomous cars. The 2022 MX-30 will kick off the wave of newly-designed models as Mazda sets its sights on producing ten all-new hybrid models and three electric vehicles for New England drivers.

What is the Next Step in Mazda Hybrid/EV Models?

In addition to increasing production of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric models, Mazda is working on perfecting Co-Pilot 1.0 to its larger fleet of vehicles. This autonomous driving system tracks its driver's conditions and can take control if it senses something has happened. It will even contact first responders in the event of a medical emergency. The system is designed to integrate in-vehicle communication, safety technology, and efficiency.

As you can tell, Mazda is not content with simply updating features or including more items of convenience. Mazda is looking to change the game when it comes to its role in protecting the environment and giving you the best driving experience possible. If you have any questions about what is in store for the future of Mazda hybrid or electric models, reach out to the team at North End Mazda and we'll help you in any way we can.

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