When the snow starts flying and you have to venture out into a slippery unknown, it might be time to put a new all-wheel drive Mazda model in your driveway. Not only will our selection of all-wheel drive cars and SUVs in Lunenburg help you conquer the snowy, slippery months ahead, but a host of advanced safety features will give you confidence all year long. Visit North End Mazda near Nashua, NH and Lowell, MA to find your all-wheel drive vehicle today!

How All-Wheel Drive Works

No matter which new Mazda all-wheel drive model you pick up, you’ll take home an intelligent system that shifts from prioritizing fuel economy to power delivery and control when you need it most. Under normal driving circumstances, your vehicle will remain in front-wheel drive mode, giving you greater efficiency for highway cruising and daily drives around town. But when things get slippery, the system can send power to all four wheels to help you power through slippery situations. Not only does it provide forward motion to all four wheels, but by spreading the engine torque, you’ll get greater grip at all four corners to help keep you in control and moving forward. Whether you’re stuck in the end of a plowed-in driveway or simply trying to navigate a slippery uphill slope on the way to work, this all-wheel drive system gives you the confidence to make it happen.

Our All-Wheel Drive Mazda Models

No matter your tastes, there is an all-wheel drive Mazda model for you to take home. From the stylish Mazda3 sedan and hatchback to a quartet of luxurious and tech-forward SUVs, the new Mazda lineup features all-wheel drive capability for everyone. Visit us to check out our complete lineup of new Mazda vehicles in Lunenburg today!

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