Here at North End Mazda, we love our community. Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is a great place to live and work. Here are some reasons we think a move to Fitchburg might be a good fit for you.

Small-Town Feel Close to Boston

DEQE Box 5-012-2 by Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Located about 47 miles from Boston, Fitchburg is far enough away to maintain its own identity but close enough that you can easily travel to Boston for a date night or a special event. There are multiple highway routes and access to Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority commuter trains. It's also just 10 miles from the border of New Hampshire, meaning you can easily take a day trip to Nashua or Monadnock State Park.

Fitchburg was named in 1764 as "a synonym for heroism." Some of the farmhouses from this era still stand. After the Revolutionary War, the city center was established on the banks of the Nashua River, which would play a vital role in the economic development of the next century. Remnants of the thriving mill community of that period still stand as historical landmarks of the city's industrial heyday. Some mill buildings have been revitalized into apartments and modern businesses.

With a population of 42,000, Fitchburg has a strong identity as a diverse city with an appreciation for its important early-American history. Locals say, "the people here are family-friendly and protect their own," "it's a small city that feels like a town," and "there are a vast number of cultures and ethnicities that make this small town in Massachusetts unique."

City of Hills

Fitchburg is sometimes called "the second hilliest city in America," behind San Francisco. Experts aren't quite sure how they would measure a place with the most hills, but one thing’s certain: it's easy to see why people call it that. Lifetime resident Chris Woods said it's impossible to find a training route for his high school athletes that don't involve running up steep hills. There may be some grumbling, but it's great for their fitness. When visiting athletes from other schools to get a look at the race course in Fitchburg, they may wish they had spent more time training there.

The hills also provide beautiful views of the city, especially when the leaves transform into their fall colors. Once winter hits, the steep hills may prove challenging to local drivers and emergency services. The local kids in Fitchburg know the best spots to go sledding, and neighborhood hills and town park hills provide lots of winter snow fun.

Outdoor Recreation

The hilly landscape means there’s no shortage of outdoor activities. Here are a couple of spots where locals enjoy the four seasons of Massachusetts:

Coggshall Park

The 250-acre Coggshall Park has the beautiful Mirror Lake as its centerpiece, and lush trees, a stone house, and a waterfront gazebo surround it. It also has picnic areas, playgrounds, and lots of walking trails. Admire the diversity of rocky embankments amid the wooded pathways. Locals enjoy the baseball and soccer fields and the large open play area.

Location: 159 Electric Ave., Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Flat Rock Wildlife Sanctuary

Maintained by Mass Audubon, Flat Rock Wildlife Sanctuary is a peaceful wooded and rocky habitat just minutes from downtown Fitchburg. It's home to songbirds, dragonflies, coyotes, and red foxes. You may even see an occasional black bear or bobcat roaming through the hemlock groves. There are 6 miles of trails through various habitats. Admission is free, and the sanctuary is open from dawn until dusk.

Location: 85 Burbank St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Entertainment and Attractions

Fitchburg is a great base for many interesting New England attractions, but you can also enjoy yourself in town. For a unique and fun experience for the whole family, consider one of these activities:

Rollstone Hill Rock Walk

The Rollstone Boulder is probably Fitchburg's most well-known landmark. This 110-ton boulder is what's known as a glacial erratic, meaning it was put in place by a glacier partway up what's now known as Rollstone Hill, a popular spot for hikes and picnics. Over time, erosion and nearby quarry activity ate away at its structure, despite the efforts of 1899 Fitchburg citizens to shore it up with cement and an iron band.

In 1929, the mayor ordered a pause in quarry work, and the town blasted the rock to pieces to move and reassemble it where it stands now, in the city's Upper Common.

The Boulder Art Gallery, along with other historical partners, hosts a scenic Rollstone Hill Walk. It's an easy 2 miles up the nearby hill, with ample information about the boulder, the history of quarrying, and other interesting nearby landmarks. Walks are scheduled between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. To find out the next scheduled walk, contact the Boulder Art Gallery, and stop in for a visit to see local artwork on display.

Location: 960 Main St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Fitchburg Art Museum

The Fitchburg Art Museum was established in 1925 and offers 20,000 square feet of exhibit space. Museum curators have built upon the collection of Fitchburg native Eleanor Norcross, who bequeathed her art and a monetary donation upon her death. American, African, and contemporary art are on display, along with sculpture and photography. There are also interactive, hands-on displays for kids.

Location: 185 Elm St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is also known as "Flag Park" due to the 30 flags representing the varied culture and ethnic heritage of Fitchburg residents.

Location: Boulder Drive, Main St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Great Wolf Lodge

Fitchburg is home to the New England location of the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park that's the perfect place to take the kids on long winter days. The heated pools, slides, and water attractions are fun for the whole family. With on-site lodging, restaurants, and other indoor activities, such as a rock wall and ropes course, you'll find something for everyone.

Location: 150 Great Wolf Drive, Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Fitchburg's interesting arts and culture scene, diverse population, and easy proximity to plenty of New England attractions make it a great city to call home. What do you think is great about Fitchburg? Please contact us and share what you love about the city.

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