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We Offer Mazda Tire Services in Lunenburg

If you need to repair or replace tires on your Mazda, bring it to the North End Mazda Tire Center in Lunenburg. We provide tire inspections, tire services, and tire sales. Properly maintained tires last longer and help your car run smoothly.

Common Tires Services We Provide For Your Mazda Vehicle

Our tire service technicians receive factory training and use OEM parts. At North End Mazda, we provide the following tire services.

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Tire Inspection – There is a lot of pressure on your tires. Tires need to grip the road and slow down quickly when you brake. The pressure from your vehicle's weight, passengers, and contents are pressing on your tires. Massachusetts law requires a minimum tire tread depth of 2/32. Bring your Mazda into North End Mazda for a routine tire inspection. Make sure your tires are safe and legal.

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Tire Rotation –The front axis controls the wheels when the driver is steering in a front-wheel-drive car. Front-wheel-drive puts more wear and tear on the front tires. Rotating the tires, so the front tires are now in the back, spreads the wear over all four tires evenly.

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Wheel Balancing –Unbalanced tires may make your ride bumpy and uncomfortable. Your steering wheel might vibrate. Balanced tires prolong the tire's life because the treads across the width of the tire wear evenly and also improve your fuel economy.

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Tire Patch & Repair Service –A trained technician can patch and repair some punctures and rips, especially if your tires are new. Use our free Wi-fi and beverage bar while you wait.

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Wheel Alignment –If your Mazda seems to be pulling to one side or the other, bring it in for a 2 or 4-wheel alignment. Properly aligned wheels keep your vehicle steering straight. Proper wheel alignment also prevents uneven wear and tear on your tires.





We Have Tires For Sale In Lunenburg!

We offer Saturday hours, and you can schedule your tire service using our online tool. We carry the right quality brand tires for your Mazda model. You can check our online inventory to get an idea of what we recommend for your car. Our sales department offers competitive prices. Check out our inventory online. Factory-trained professional technicians install the tires on your Mazda. We stock major tire brands, including Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Nexen, and Yokohama. We provide free 24-month Road Hazard Coverage with the purchase of eligible tires. Road Hazard Coverage helps cover the cost of fixing or replacing a flat tire.

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We welcome Mazda drivers from all over the Worcester area, including Ayer, Fitchburg, and Leominster. Use our online scheduling tool or call us today for an appointment. We know all about the right tire choices for your Mazda year and model.

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