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160-Point Inspection

Expert technicians check every certified pre-owned Mazda before it goes onto the lot.

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Mazda Extended Confidence

Get a warranty for the vehicle even if the new car's warranty had already expired

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Zero deductible on covered repairs

A zero deductible on covered repairs eliminates the need to worry about emergency expenses.

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Certified pre-owned cars are the best option for someone who wants to own a car but cannot purchase a pricey new model. A certified pre-owned vehicle is the best cost-effective option for you.

However, most people fear buying a pre-owned car that will stress them a lot by requiring a lot of upkeep and maintenance. You should avoid purchasing any pre-owned vehicle that is not certified as it might be of low quality.

Many people like Mazda because of their efficiency and style. It is the best car for you and your family. Its performance features are also topnotch. Luckily, it is also possible to purchase a preowned Mazda if you find a new one to be expensive.

You need to ensure that it is certified so that it can guarantee service. By considering a certified pre-owned Mazda at North End Mazda in Lunenburg, MA, you will have the following benefits. Most of the other pre-owned used car models do not come with these guarantees.

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Vetted and Tuned Before it Gets to You

160-Point Inspection

The cars have already undergone an inspection covering the whole vehicle to ensure that it is up to standard. You will be purchasing a car that is in shape and will not cause you trouble in the future.

The Inspection entails checking if the A|C system functions appropriately, ascertaining that all the seats are working as required, checking the engine, ensuring that there is no cracking of windshields, and checking brakes are functioning correctly. All these measures will ensure that you purchase a high-quality car.

Mazda Extended Confidence

By purchasing your car at North End Mazda, you get a warranty for the vehicle even if the new car's warranty had already expired. The extended confidence will cover the same requirements as the new vehicle's warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles. The warranty covers the freeze plug, flywheel, thermostat, and many more.

Zero deductible on covered repairs

You will not have to pay any amount of money from your pocket when any covered parts need to either repaired or replaced. A zero deductible cover on repairs eliminates the need to worry about having emergency money at all times while driving your Mazda.

Support While You're on the Road

24-Hours Emergency Roadside Assistance

After purchasing a used car, there is usually that fear of being stranded on the road. The 24-hour, seven days a week emergency roadside assistance includes services such as flat-tire changes, gas delivery, lock-out assistance, and many more.

Your car will also be towed to a Mazda dealership near you if necessary. There will be someone to assist you at all times if you have any trouble using the Mazda. The 24hour, seven days a week emergency assistance will cover seven years or 100,000 miles.

No Need To Worry About Age

These pre-owned vehicles have to meet specific requirements to be certified. The Mazda must be younger than six years and covered less than 70000 miles. You do not have to worry about issues that are caused by age or long mileage.

The Cars Are Accident-Free

It would be best if you avoided cars that have been in accidents before because they are often troublesome and hard to maintain. The certified preowned Mazda vehicles have never been in an accident before, eliminating the need to worry about issues occurring due to previous damage that will cost you a lot of money.

Be Covered - all Stress-Free!

Powertrain Warranty

A certified pre-owned Mazda comes with a seven-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty that has got you covered in case of any future issues.

Available Extended Coverage

The extended coverage includes prepaid maintenance, comprehensive confidence plans, and many more to keep you covered.

Transferrable Benefits

Some people may want to sell the car later on for various reasons. Selling this vehicle, later on, will not be a challenging task. This task is more straightforward since the warranty will remain valid and transferred from one owner to another. The availability of a warranty also attracts more buyers making the process faster for you.

Autocheck vehicle history report

A vehicle report includes how long the vehicle has been in use, previous owners, and verification of current mileage. With this, you will be sure about what exactly you are getting. You should read this report to ensure that you are getting a car that is up to standard.

Three months of SiriusXM Trial

The radio-equipped Mazda comes with a three-month SiriusXM trial. The benefits of having a SiriusXM satellite radio in your car are many. Commercials usually make listening to music very dull as it keeps cutting it short. There are no commercials that will cut short your piece with a SiriusXM. All the music genres that you could think of are available. Also, you can customize your radio to suit your taste. You get to listen to everything as it is since there is no censorship.

2020 Models Available

Some of the Mazda models that you find in stock at North End Mazda are:

  • MAZDA6
  • MAZDA5
  • MAZDA3- 4 DOOR
  • MAZDA 3-5 DOOR
  • MAZDA CX-9

And many more. Check back regularly to get an updated list because the inventory is updated from time to time. Browse our page to get more information or come in to be given more details. The latest Mazda models that you are thinking of purchasing are also available. No matter the model of your choice, we can deliver for our Nashua, NH and Worcester, MA customers.

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Now that you know the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned Mazda, visit North End Mazda in Lunenburg, MA to buy one. Choosing the Mazda model to purchase can be very confusing. At North End Mazda, you will receive guidance that will be sure to lead you to buy a model that suits you. You will learn more about what buying certified pre-owned Mazda entails. Go through our inventory then visit us for a test drive at North End Mazda for one of our own pre-owned Mazda models. The team at North End Mazda is more than ready to work with you. Be sure to check out our Mazda Connected Services, Featured Pre-Owned models, our showroom, and our CPO Mazda inventory.

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