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Mazda Recommended Maintenance

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Cars are wonderful machines, but they do require some upkeep in order to keep them going for as long as they can. There are many services that cars need, some that they may need, and others that are needed in specific circumstances, and that all can get confusing. That’s why Mazda has a list of recommended maintenance intervals for you to follow, which lists the services your car needs and after how many miles. At North End Mazda, we provide all these services for you.

The Mazda Recommended Maintenance Intervals

Maintenance intervals are mileage amounts after which you should get service. However, they’re not meant to be performed just after the first interval; you should get that interval’s service done each multiple of that interval. For example, the 7,500-mile interval maintenance should be performed at 7,500 miles, 15,000 miles, 22,500 miles, and so forth. Here are the intervals after which Mazda recommends you get service:

7,500-Mile Service

Mazda 7,500-Mile Service

We recommend that you replace the engine oil and filter along with getting your tires rotated to keep even wear.

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Mazda 15,000-Mile Service

Mazda 15,000-Mile Service

Everything in the 7,500-mile service plus an inspection of the brakes to ensure they are working properly.

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Mazda 30,000-Mile Service

Mazda 30,000-Mile Service

This is a more in-depth service including the services for the previous on top of replacement of the cabin air filter and inspections of key systems like the fuel system, steering system, suspension, and driveshaft.

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60,000-Mile Service

Mazda 60,000-Mile Service

The same as the 30,000-mile service with an inspection of the exhaust system.

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100,000-Mile Service

Mazda 100,000-Mile Service

This is the replacement of most filters and belts with an inspection of the systems described above

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Our Certified Technicians Know How to Take Care of Your Mazda

We have certified technicians who are trained to get your Mazda into the best shape it can possibly be. They’ve gone through educational programs designed by Mazda to teach them exactly how your Mazda works, and they use that knowledge to give you the best service out there. Our certified technicians are guaranteed to get you your car back in better shape than when it came in, and they’ll treat it with the respect it deserves.

We Use OEM Parts for the Recommended Mileage Intervals

Our service center has a full stock of OEM parts for any replacements that might come along with the recommended mileage interval services. OEM parts are the parts that Mazda’s engineers designed to give your car the best performance it can give. They’re identical to the parts your car received during assembly, so it’s like your car is just a little bit new every time you get a replacement. OEM parts are the best parts you can use for your vehicle, which is why we provide them for you.

 Mazda recommended maintenance

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We’re the main providers of Mazda-recommended maintenance interval service for Lunenburg, Ayer, Gardner, Fitchburg, Leominster, and the surrounding areas. We work with all models of Mazda, including the Mazda3, the CX-30, the XC-9, the CX-5, and any other type of Mazda you might have. Our comfortable waiting area has free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, so set up your appointment with our online scheduler today!


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